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RVA Chi Alpha Campus Ministries

Wednesday Night Live


This is the place where Chi Alpha gathers to worship Jesus, grow in faith and have fun.

A typical WNL kicks off with a few minutes of just hanging out and talking with one another as people arrive. Then the worship band starts to play and we spend 20-30 minutes singing and praying in worship to God.  Don’t worry about not knowing the songs – there are always new people at WNL and the lyrics are always projected on a screen! After singing, we usually go over some announcements, the regular attenders give an offering, and then someone gets up to speak for about 30 minutes. This is usually one of the staff members, but guests and students speak as well.

After the speaker finishes, we usually spend a brief time in prayer. When the meeting finishes up, people often hangout together in the Commons or a place nearby.