Welcome to Richmond Chi Alpha!

We’re glad you’re here! Chi Alpha is a group of students learning what it means to follow Jesus. We come together to worship God, learn His word, pray, encourage one another, and to have fun making life-long friendships.

Here is a list of small groups that are meeting all throughout the week
Noah, Mondays at 7pm
Jacob, Thursdays at 7pm
Marcus & Te-Ahrian, Thursdays at 8pm (VUU)
Bryce, Fridays at 10:30am

Jasmine (VUU), Mondays at 12:30pm
Ashley, Mondays at 7pm
Hannah, Tuesdays at 7pm
Zoe & Lisa, Tuesdays at 7pm
Audrey & Lois, Thursdays at 6pm

If you would like to get plugged in, fill out the form below and we’ll get in contact with you!