The Hospital Hospitality House is one of the greatest service opportunities in Richmond and a chance for Chi Alpha small groups to serve those battered by medical misfortune in their home away from home. Located at 7th and Marshall St., HHH is a non-profit Richmond organization housing, feeding, and providing non-medical care for families and individuals that have come from around the country to receive treatment at MCV. To do this, the Hospitality House staff welcomes volunteers who are willing to help with projects like painting and renovating guests’ rooms, cleaning and organizing, participating in collection drives, assisting with special events, and serving meals to the families. So far, Chi Alpha has helped create a closet for volunteer resources and clear walls for a multi-story mural. Through your help and our continued service, we hope to see God’s hand heal hearts and bodies here in RVA.

If you are interested in reaching out to HHH as an individual or a small group, the volunteer manager J.C. Poma would gladly get you involved. J.C is available at (804) 828-6901 ext. 150 or by email at