RVAXA Scavenger Hunt ’21

Welcome to Richmond Chi Alpha’s Scavenger Hunt! In teams of 4, you will compete to complete as many tasks below within the time limit. You must document your team completing the task on Instagram with the appropriate captions. May the best team win!

You can download instructions and tasks here!


  1. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS beforehand and at least skim over all items to plan strategically!
  2. Only use one IG account to post your finds.
  3. We must be able to see your IG feed. This means that your posts must be public.
  4. Each post on Instagram must include your team number and task to get the appropriate number of points. 
  5. Include the tag #rvaxahunt or you won’t get credit for your finds, because we won’t see it.
  6. Every member of your team, except for one, must be included in each picture/video.
  7. Be back in the Virginia Rooms C&D  by 9pm or have 2 points deducted for each minute you’re late. 
  8. NO cars, bikes, Ubers, Lyfts, skateboards, longboards, scooters, etc. You may only use your feet as transportation.
  9. Please be respectful of everyone you interact with and any public property. 
  10. Good luck and HAVE FUN!!!


  1. Take a picture with the Ram statues in front of the Snead hall entrance (School of Business). (20 points)
  2. Challenge someone to a foot race. (20 points)
    BONUS: get some extra points if you win (55 points)
  3. Read a book on a bench outside of Cabell library. (15 points)
  4. Take a group selfie in front of Christian’s Pizza. (20 points)
  5. Take a picture with a couple. (10 points)
  6. Propose to a stranger. (15 points)
  7. Have a dance party at the Commons Plaza. (20 points)
    BONUS: Invite two or three other passerby’s. (40 points)
  8. Serenade a stranger with a song of your choice. (20 points)
  9. Chant your team number at the center of the compass as loud as you can. (10 points)
  10. At 8:27pm, take a team picture with a clock. (25 points)
  11. Find an RVA logo on any car and take a picture with it. (20 points)
  12. Find a random object that would be great for bicep curls and show us 10 of them. (10 points)
  13. Head out to Broad St. and sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. (20 points)
  14. Record your team driving into a parking deck on campus in your imaginary car. (30 points)
  15. Find a large mural and pose with it. (25 points)
  16. Find three people with colored hair and take a selfie with them. (15 total points, 5 points each)
  17. Find someone whose birthday is this month, sing happy birthday. (15 points)
    BONUS: Find someone whose birthday is today (08/27/21) and sing happy birthday. (45 points)
  18. Find a cute dog and take a picture of it (with the owner’s permission). (30 points)
  19. Sing your university’s chant in front of the Siegel Center. (35 points)
  20. Take a picture in front of the Truth and Beauty Sculpture by Lester van Winkle. (20 points)
  21. Recreate a scene from your favorite movie in front of the Singleton Center (at least 30 seconds). (20 points)
  22. Sing the Barney song into the Ram Horns. (30 points)
  23. Sing a song from a famous movie in front of the Grace St. Movie Theater. (30 points)
  24. Beards are cool; find someone with a long beard and take a picture with them. (10 points)
  25. Have your team sit around you and give them a lesson on how to succeed at college. (25 points)
  26. Recite a verse by memory in front of the Cathedral. (20 points)
  27. Find Charles Ponticello’s “Tableith” and take a picture in front of it. (25 points)
  28. Take a mid-air jump picture in front of a VCU sign. (15 points)
  29. Reenact a scene from a Bible story of your choice on the Green Space. (30 points)
  30. Learn to say a phrase in an international student’s native language. (30 points)
  31. Sing “I’m a little teapot” with hand motions in front of Kung Fu Tea. (20 points)
  32. Take a team reflection selfie in something other than a mirror. (15 points)
    BONUS: 5 points for everyone wearing the same color (35 points)
  33. Find an out of state license plate and take a picture with it. (15 points) 
  34. Let’s help VCU be a little more “Green,” throw away or recycle a piece of trash. (10 points)
  35. Find someone with the same name as one of your teammates and take a picture with them. (25 points)
  36. Take a nap on a bench outside. (15 points)
  37. Take a selfie with an Emergency Response Telephone on campus. (10 points)
  38. Be back in the Virginia Rooms C&D by 9 pm, but lose 2 points for every minute you are late. (10 points) 
  39. Show us your best TikTok dance. (30 points)
  40. I bet you are getting tired by now, show us your favorite caffeinated drink. (20 points)
  41. Take a picture of some pretty flowers. (10 points)
  42. Tell us a tree fact while standing in Monroe Park. (20 points)
  43. Stand in front of GRC and tell us your favorite spot on campus. (10 points) 
  44. Find someone who has the favorite band as one of your teammates and take a selfie with them. (15 points)
  45. BONUS: Bring your judge a Red Eye Cookie. (75 points)