Get Connected

There are two main ways to get connected at Chi Alpha.  The first is to join our Wednesday Night Live service.  The second way and the most important way to experience community is through one of our small groups.  We believe that small groups are the best way to know other people, grow in our relationship with Christ, and go out and live what we are learning.  We want everyone to feel like they belong, they are accepted, and they are significant and our small groups are a place to experience that.

If you would like to jump in to a small group, fill out the form below and a small group leader will contact you soon!

Here is a list of small groups that are meeting all throughout the week:
Noah, Thursdays at 10:30am
Jacob & Bryce, Thursdays at 7pm
Marcus, Thursdays at 8pm (VUU)

Jasmine (VUU), Mondays at 12:30pm
Ashley, Mondays at 7pm
Hannah, Tuesdays at 7pm
Lisa & Allyson, Tuesdays at 7pm
Audrey & Lois, Thursdays at 6pm